GSS NAVIGATOR: A holiday that connects generations

Thu, 01/06/2017

Mariam Sarkisyan, GSS Russia, took part in a large event to honour the veterans of WWII. By Daria Fadeeva, Relationship Manager, GSS Russia                                                                                                                   

The Russian people observe their traditions and public holidays with much devotion. In particular, 9 May (Victory Day), which is the day when Russia celebrates the end of World War II (also known as the Great Patriotic War). On this day, deeply respected veterans accept sincere congratulations and share their stories about the war and their companions in arms. The elder generation passes the meaning of this historical day on to their children and grandchildren, who in turn take it as a chance to demonstrate their respect and great gratitude.

One of the more recent traditions surrounding Victory Day is an event called The Immortal Regiment. Participants march through the main streets of Russian cities and various capitals of other countries, holding the portraits of their veteran relatives. This serves to connect the elder generation with the younger one and invites people to commemorate the mission of the veterans.

This year’s Immortal Regiment event was the largest so far. The march took place in 30 countries around the world, with more than 850,000 participants joining the procession in Moscow alone.


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