New trading infrastructure for the Austrian market

Thu, 01/06/2017

Equity and ETF trading on the Vienna Stock Exchange will be migrated to the XETRA T7 platform. By Tina Fischer, Relationship Management, GSS Austria                 

Starting on 31 July, equity and ETF trading on the Vienna Stock Exchange (VSE) will move from the current XETRA Classic platform to the new trading infrastructure XETRA T7.  The trading of bonds and structured products will remain on the old platform and will only be migrated in the second step currently scheduled for the end of 2018. The T7 technology is already used by Eurex and the cash market trading of Deutsche Börse will also be transferred to the new platform.

The migration will be preceded by a two-month simulation phase which has started on 31 May. From a regulatory perspective, the participants are required to perform mandatory tests in connection with the amendment of the trading system. This measure should ensure the compatibility of the member trading systems with the new exchange trading system. VSE will record the simulation activities and ask the participants to confirm the proper performance of their proprietary trading systems.

The current trading infrastructure of VSD was introduced back in 1999. The new platform will bring additional features and should increase throughput and flexibility for the trading participants and at the same time reduce latency.

Tina Fischer
Relationship Management
GSS Austria