29/11/17 S&P upgrades AO UniCredit Bank outlook
23/11/17 Russia Market Statistics December 2017
30/10/17 Successful operational audit at NSD
27/10/17 Holiday Reminder
19/10/17 Russia Market Statistics November 2017
28/09/17 New DTT between Russia and Japan
22/09/17 Russia: Market Statistics October 2017
22/08/17 Russia Market Statistics September 2017
01/08/17 Professional Judgment Concept to be Broadened in Russia
01/08/17 State Duma to introduce structured receipts
19/07/17 Russia Market Statistics August 2017
10/07/17 Proportional regulation of securities market participants
03/07/17 Russia Market Statistics July 2017
09/06/17 Holiday Reminder
05/06/17 Successful BCP and DRP Test at UniCredit GSS
23/05/17 Russia Market Statistics June 2017
18/05/17 Improvement of STP and Settlement Discipline
02/05/17 Russia Market Statistics May 2017
02/05/17 Fundamental changes in custodians’ regulations
26/04/17 Holiday Reminder
14/04/17 GSS Russia Lobbying Activity
03/04/17 Russia Market Statistics April 2017
06/03/17 Holiday Reminder
01/03/17 Russia Market Statistics March 2017
01/03/17 NSD insurance package signed
01/03/17 Foreign custodians entitled to directly open FNHs
16/02/17 Holiday Reminder
06/02/17 New tax rate for bonds income
03/02/17 Russia Market Statistics February 2017
03/02/17 New listing rules
17/01/17 2017 Certificate of Tax Residence and Beneficial Owner Representation Reminder
03/01/17 CBR defines threshold for interested party transactions
03/01/17 CBR plans to eliminate fractional shares
28/12/16 Russia Market Statistics January 2017
27/12/16 Changes in Settlement Deadlines on 30 December
22/12/16 New Appintment For The Chariman Chairman Of The CSD Committee For Quality
05/12/16 T+2 settlement for the Russian OTC market
05/12/16 A new court will deal with financial market disputes
28/11/16 Russia Market Statistics December 2016
02/11/16 Clarification on unclaimed dividends
28/10/16 Russia Market Statistics November 2016
27/10/16 Russia: Holiday Reminder
04/10/16 CSD relations between Georgia and Russia
04/10/16 Improved outlook on Russia`s credit rating
04/10/16 CBR to regulate audits of central counterparties
04/10/16 Russia Market Statistics October 2016
05/09/16 Amendment to the Russian Tax Code
05/09/16 Russia Market Statistics September 2016
16/08/16 Forthcoming New Legislative Framework on Custody Activities
31/07/16 AML Legislation Changes
31/07/16 MOEX New Advisory Council
01/07/16 Russia Market Statistics August 2016
30/06/16 New Requirements to Securities Listing Take Effect
30/06/16 Procedure for Identification of Representatives of Bond Owners
30/06/16 Russia Market Statistics July 2016
08/06/16 CBR to simplify disclosure requirements
07/06/16 Draft: Russia Market Statistics June 2016
06/05/16 Holiday Reminder
03/05/16 Russia Market Statistics May 2016
29/04/16 New dividend policy for state-owned companies in Russia
29/04/16 Thomas Murray affirms NSD ratings
31/03/16 New trading instrument on MOEX
31/03/16 NSD develops conversion service
31/03/16 National Clearing Centre ratings confirmed
25/03/16 Successful BCP and DRP Tests at UniCredit GSS Russia
03/03/16 Plans to change disclosure requirements
03/03/16 MOEX launches small and mid-cap indices
01/03/16 Holiday Reminder
17/02/16 Holiday Reminder
29/01/16 Propelling Eurobond settlement
29/01/16 Russia and Hong Kong signed double tax treaty
29/01/16 Extension of tax holiday for high tech investments
04/01/16 Russia Market Statistics January 2016
04/01/16 Limits for foreign investors in Russia
04/01/16 Ministry of Justice initiates refusal of mandatory tender offer
30/12/15 New NSD Fee Schedule
22/12/15 Introduction of Mandatory Electronic Matching for OTC Trades
21/12/15 Russia: AO UniCredit Bank extends Proxy Voting Deadlines
15/12/15 Russia: Beneficial Owner Documents Required to obtain Reduced Tax Rates
08/12/15 NSD to introduce additional Clearing Session
03/12/15 Russian and Serbian CSDs to cooperate
03/12/15 CBR lists systemically important banks
03/12/15 Russia Market Statistics December 2015
05/11/15 Amendments to the Russian tax code
05/11/15 MOEX introduces new safety layer to central counterparty
01/11/15 Russia Market Statistics November 2015
28/10/15 Holiday Reminder
09/10/15 Alexander Grischenko appointed as Head of UniCredit GSS Russia
01/10/15 CBR to toughen banks' Board of Directors responsibility
01/10/15 More liquidity on the Eurobond market
01/10/15 Russia Market Statistics October 2015
07/09/15 Russia Market Statistics September 2015
04/09/15 Subsidiaries banned from voting in parent company
06/08/15 NSD introduces Aliases in the Settlement Process
03/08/15 Russian and Chinese CSDs to cooperate
03/08/15 NSMA Valuation Centre now available
01/08/15 Russia Market statistics August 2015
23/07/15 UniCredit's Yulia Umnova elected to NSD Participants Committee
21/07/15 Legislative Framework for Corporate Actions Reform in force from 1 July 2016
17/07/15 AO UniCredit Bank included in the List of Systemically Important Banks in Russia
14/07/15 Moscow Exchange to terminate trading in Classica sector of Equity market
03/07/15 NSD successfully completes extraordinary DRP testing
03/07/15 Russia Market Statistics July 2015
11/06/15 Holiday Reminder
01/06/15 Key interest rate cut to 12.5%
29/05/15 CBR To Control Deals With Voting Shares Of Financial Institutions
28/05/15 Russia Market Statistics June 2015
26/05/15 Clarified Procedures for transfer of Unclaimed Dividends
07/05/15 Russia Market Statistics May 2015
04/05/15 De-offshorisation law postponed to June
28/04/15 NSD and Interfax provide access to Reference United Data
16/04/15 Russia Market Statistics April 2015
15/04/15 Liberalisation of currency regulations
15/04/15 Moody's downgraded Russia’s ratings
06/04/15 NSD and Interfax to create Benchmark Corporate Data Source and Pricing Centre
26/03/15 MOEX to implement New Functionalities to the Securities Market
20/03/15 Successful Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Test at UniCredit GSS Russia
27/02/15 Holiday Reminder
26/02/15 NSD`s risks are covered by a complex insurance agreement
17/02/15 Holiday Reminder
09/02/15 Clarification on Tax Agency Functions
20/01/15 Thomas Murray affirmed NSD Rating at AA- with Stable Outlook
19/01/15 New rules of DTT rates application under Controlled Foreign Companies law
29/12/14 New official name and legal form of AO UniCredit Bank
29/12/14 Certificates of Tax Residence 2015 - Reminder
03/12/14 Federal Law on taxation of „controlled foreign companies“ to be applied from January 1, 2015
28/11/14 30% Penalty Tax Rate to be withdrawn from 1 January 2015
21/11/14 ZAO UCB Switches On Electronic Matching Of OTC Trades
18/11/14 NSD Starts OTC DVP Settlement In Chinese Yuans
13/11/14 NSD Introduces Extra Clearing Session For OTC DVP Settlement
11/11/14 Change Of The Legal Form Of ZAO UniCredit Bank
31/10/14 MOEX and CSD working hours over the November Holidays
31/10/14 NSD Starts Electronic Matching of OTC Trades
24/10/14 Holiday Reminder
20/10/14 Change in Time Zone Convention
12/09/14 Intraday Delays in OTC DVP/RVP Settlement
06/08/14 New Rules on Proxy Voting and Recognition of Ownership
25/07/14 Alexander Nazarov Elected to NSD Participants Committee
10/07/14 Fitch affirms ZAO UniCredit Bank Rating
03/07/14 Simplification of Nominee Holder Proxy Voting Procedures
02/07/14 CBR Reduced its Share in Moscow Exchange
04/06/14 Holiday Reminder
27/05/14 Additional Clearing Session on the Moscow Exchange
19/05/14 Alexander Nazarov as Chairman of new Corporate Actions Reform Development Committee
13/05/14 DTT with Luxembourg
05/05/14 Standard & Poor’s has Downgraded ZAO UniCredit Bank Ratings
30/04/14 Clarification on Labour Day Holiday Calendar
30/04/14 Victory Day Holiday Reminder
25/04/14 DTT with Malta
25/04/14 Standard & Poor’s has Downgraded Russia’s Ratings
17/04/14 NSD passes Operational Audit
31/03/14 CBR Corporate Actions Reform Initiative
27/03/14 NSD Launches New Corporate Information Centre Services
11/03/14 Successful Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Test
07/03/14 Holiday Reminder
28/02/14 NSD takes Insurance against Risks
03/02/14 MinFin publishes the List of DTT Countries
09/01/14 Thomas Murray affirms NSD Rating at AA- with Stable Outlook
08/01/14 Reminder: Certificate of Tax Residence 2014
18/11/13 Yuliya Umnova, Head of Product and Business Development of GSS Russia, appointed as member of the NAUFOR Custody Committee
14/11/13 Russia: MOEX Group and Bank of Russia conduct joint BCP testing
05/11/13 New mechanism of dividend payment taxation
31/10/13 National Settlement Depository has modernized its Disaster Recovery Site
25/10/13 The National Clearing Center was assigned as Russia’s first qualified central counterparty
08/10/13 Moscow Exchange initiates Trading in Foreign Depositary Shares
24/09/13 MinFin suggests dividend payouts should not be linked to companies' profits
05/09/13 FFMS has stopped working
03/09/13 Gazprom shares will be transferred to CSD
30/08/13 The Moscow Exchange changes the Rules in Indices calculation
29/08/13 New head of Product and Business Development of GSS Moscow
28/08/13 Moscow Exchange announced new services on the Stock Market
27/08/13 Moscow Exchange announced the final stage of the T+2 migration
21/08/13 Sergei Shvetsov is to head the Russian Mega-Regulator.
29/07/13 Russian Eurobonds may be exempted from withholding tax
25/07/13 Alexander Nazarov, Head of GSS Russia, Was Appointed to NSD's Audit Committee
25/07/13 Russia: Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the Mega-Regulator law
24/07/13 Federal Law “On Securities Market” was amended to Protect Bondholders Rights
23/07/13 NSD to Publish Information on FFMS Equity Securities Register Updates
28/06/13 Russia: S&P Confirmed Russia’s Sovereign Credit Ratings with Stable Outlook
27/06/13 Alexander Nazarov, Head of GSS Russia, Appointed to NSD Supervisory Board
13/06/13 The State Duma to consider the Financial Market Supervision Draft Law
24/05/13 New Free-float Coefficient Calculation Comes into Effect
22/05/13 Holiday Reminder
21/05/13 State Duma Adopted Draft Law Concerning Mega-regulator
21/05/13 Second Stage of T+2 to be Launched
14/05/13 MinFin Plans to Set 35% Pay-out Ratio for State-owned Companies
15/03/13 T+2 to be Launched on 25 March 2013
04/03/13 NSD Has Been Allocated a Pre-LOU Prefix
26/02/13 Holiday Reminder
26/02/13 New Listing Rules of Moscow Exchange Have Entered into Force
18/02/13 Transition Plan for CSD Eligible Securities
11/01/13 Securities Market Legislation Update
08/01/13 Revised DTT with Luxembourg Ratified by Russia
08/01/13 2013 Certificate of Tax Residence Reminder