Successful BCP and DRP Test at UniCredit GSS

AO UniCredit Bank
UniCredit GSS Russia performed a successful test of its Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan, including staff relocation
Mon, 05/06/2017


UniCredit GSS Russia successfully carried out its annual 2017 BCP and DRP testing on 6 April (at the primary site) and on 25 April (at the back-up site). All critically important business processes, including transaction processing, asset servicing, as well as static data, internal control and billing, were tested for their compliance with the BCP requirements.

Relocation of key personnel to the back-up site was also performed as part of the testing. All critically important systems used by UniCredit GSS Russia were involved and all of them were successfully recovered from the back-up site with all Recovery Time Objectives being met during operational hours. Minor gaps were identified and have already been rectified.


Impact on investors: The Business Continuity Plan and the Disaster Recovery Plan of UniCredit GSS Russia are fully operational and adequately sufficient to restore our core services within the set Recovery Time Objectives.