Best Practice

Fri, 20/07/2018

The GSS Newsletter met with Beáta Szönyi and Dario Mariotto in the brand-new UniCredit Campus in Vienna to talk about their aims and ambitions.                 


GSS Newsletter: Beáta and Dario, you have recently been appointed as Global Sales and Relationship Managers, joining Michael Slavov within the GSS Central Team. How did you get into the GSS business?

Dario: Believe it or not, I started my banking career as a teller in a branch. That was in my home town of Venice, where at that time I exchanged millions and billions of lira for tourists visiting Italy. Then I started climbing up the career ladder, which included stops in Milan, Bologna, Rome and Istanbul. While I was in the CFO area in Vienna, I met Júlia Romhányi, who invited me to join the Hungarian GSS team. When I finally came to Budapest, I was seated next to Beáta, who became my mentor by teaching me everything I needed to know about GSS.


GSS Newsletter: We trust Dario was an aspiring pupil…?

Beáta: Indeed, and an inspiring colleague as well! We still share the same office and with our different perspectives, we complement each other very well. I have been in the industry since I left university. Before joining UniCredit in 2007, I worked for a number of international banks and lived in places like London and Montclair (a friendly town in New Jersey, USA). Among the other roles I used to take on, I also acted as a network manager, which is why I can understand the “other” side of the table perfectly well. 


GSS Newsletter: What are your plans concerning your new responsibilities?

Beáta: We are committed to improving the efficiency of everything we do, with a special focus on client communication. Our role is to secure easy accessibility, wherever our customers approach us, be it through the Central Team or through one of our local offices.

Dario: Proximity to our colleagues in the markets and knowledge sharing across our network is a decisive factor in further strengthening our business offering.


GSS Newsletter: What are the values you strive for?

Dario: I would describe myself as open-minded and curious. Together with that, I am keen on transparency, honesty and discipline.

Beáta: With my structured way of thinking, I am also bound by discipline. I believe I am also known for my accountability, responsibility and readiness to listen. 


GSS Newsletter: You both live in Budapest. What do you like about the Hungarian capital?

Dario: The city is truly vibrant, offering a lot of opportunities. I live here together with my family and we really enjoy the lively environment and the tasty food.


GSS Newsletter: Can you already say something in Hungarian?

Dario: For me, making an effort to learn the language is a sign of respect for the country that is hosting me. Hungarian, though, is a real challenge. I understand a lot, but my speaking skills are still limited to practical phrases such as “Ma esik a hó”, which means “It snows today”.


GSS Newsletter: Beáta, having travelled the world, what does Budapest mean to you today?

Beáta: I have learned to love my hometown even more. Walking across the Chainbridge and looking at the castles makes me feel at home. Budapest is a very liveable city, offering the advantages of both a capital and a relatively small town.


GSS Newsletter: And finally, would you reveal your personal favourites in terms of books, travel destinations and leisure activities to our readers?

Reading: “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas, “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde and “The Shadow of the Wind” by Carlos Zafon
Travel: All of Europe for its enormous cultural heritage.
Leisure: Exploring the countries in which I live together with my family and showing the children Italy, their home country, where they have lived only for a short period of time.

Reading: “The Zahir” by Paolo Coelho  
Travel: As my daughters are growing, their interest in city trips has awakened - much to my pleasure!
Leisure: Family time, since I am away often enough. And certainly, my Yoga workout.