GSS Get Together in Budapest

Fri, 20/07/2018

This year’s GSS gathering took place in Hungary and was hosted by the new Global Head of Securities Services, Julia Barbara Romhányi.                                 


By now, the annual two-day event of the UniCredit GSS Team - which we call GSS Get Together - has become a tradition. This time we met at the headquarters of UniCredit Hungary with the active involvement of the representatives from all 11 GSS markets.

Julia opened the event by introducing the new GSS strategy and goals for 2018 and beyond. She presented the new structure of GSS built around a strong Central Team devoted to equally supporting each market and each client and to further enhancing the efficiency within the GSS network.

Julia reiterated that her taking over of the GSS leadership marks a new beginning for the offering of securities services signified by a more centralised approach to the business with more efficient communication and greater support for local markets. Her enthusiasm and confidence in the successful future of GSS was quickly picked up by all the participants and created a highly spirited and motivated atmosphere of collaboration that lasted throughout the entire event.

The importance of each individual team member in building the successful future of the business was further underlined by a workshop session where small teams could discuss and share their common ideas on how to improve the services and the visibility of GSS.


Expert guest speakers

During the two days of the Get Together, special guests paid visits as well. Marco Esposito, Head of Global Transaction Banking CEE, reinforced the importance of securities services within the single Pan-European bank UniCredit is transforming itself into and assured the team of the commitment of management to provide support and invest in continuously developing this product.

Thomas Dusch, Deputy Global Head of Global Transaction Banking, joined the meeting through a video call from Munich and shared the interest of the management of UniCredit in finding out what the GSS Team believes could further improve its business proposition. He emphasised the need to apply a holistic approach towards all clients, standing as One Bank One UniCredit, so as to be able to establish their needs and to offer them the perfect solutions to match these needs.

Slavomir Bena, the outgoing Head of FIG CEE, highlighted the great significance of the bond between FIG and GSS and also used the opportunity to introduce his successor, Marko Vukanovic, who has in the meantime already taken over his leadership role. Marko presented further numerous examples of best practices of cooperation and synergies between the two business areas.     


The two days of this GSS “family reunion” were spent in engaged discussions and constant exchange of ideas. Closing the event, Julia emphasised once again that the proactivity of the entire team, the honest feedback and the open discussions gave it real value and that is what constitutes solid ground to further enhance the services GSS delivers to its clients and at the same time to achieve greater visibility for GSS within UniCredit.


Andrea Nagyiványi-Kárpáti
Head of Secretariat
Global Securities Services Hungary