GSS Navigator: Autumn is Burčák season in the Czech Republic

Fri, 04/10/2019

The young wine is ready to be served                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

If you are thinking of good wine you may imagine countries such as Italy, France or Spain. But there are many wineries in the Czech Republic, mainly in Moravia, where delicious wine is produced.

Some of you may not know that winemakers in the Czech Republic produce a very young wine called burčák [burtchaak], which translates as stum. It is partially fermented, giving it a harmonious ratio of alcohol, sugar and acids. This wine has additional nutritional benefits as it contains proteins and vitamin B.

The gently sparkling and naturally cloudy beverage has a pleasant sweet taste. It is mostly produced from white grapes as the red grapes are not ready to be harvested.

In autumn there are many vendage events around the country that offer the first wine of the season. Tasting Burčák within the atmosphere of a wine cellar, maybe with traditional music, is a special experience at this time of the year.

In Kuks, a village in the Trutnov district in the valley of the upper reach of Labe (Elbe) river, you can even watch the wine running down its cascading staircase. Many Czech as well as foreign wine producers present their wines during the Kuks vendage each year.

Come and join us in tasting Burčák!