GSS Navigator - Saint Nicholas patron of seas and sailors, and bankers in Bulgaria

Tue, 31/12/2019

A special holiday for the financial industry                  


6 December is celebrated as Saint Nicholas Day in Bulgaria according to the Christian tradition. The local banking industry has also recognised this day as its own professional holiday.

Saint Nicholas was an early Christian bishop born in 270 AD in the ancient maritime city of Myra in Asia Minor. He was also known as Nicholas the Wonderworker because of the many miracles attributed to him. According to the legend, Saint Nicholas was on a boat at sea headed for the Holy Land when a storm hit. The boat would have capsized in the waves if it had not been for Saint Nicholas who calmed the storm through his heartfelt prayers.

Another legend claims that during the storm the saint plugged a carp into a hole in the hull of the boat preventing it from sinking. That miracle earned him high esteem among the sailors and from that moment on Nicholas was venerated as their patron saint.

Saint Nicholas was also a secret gift-giver who distributed his wealth to the poor. The story goes that there was a devout man with three daughters who had no money to afford a proper dowry for them and, thus, they would remain unmarried. In order to help this family, Nicholas secretly threw three bags of gold coins through the window opening of the family’s house so that there would be one for each daughter.

On Saint Nicholas Day everyone in Bulgaria whose name stems from the name Nicholas celebrate their name day. Those who celebrate traditionally have a meal of fish on their table with carp being the preferred choice. According to local tradition keeping a big scale from the skin of the carp in your wallet is a lucky charm for wealth and prosperity.

Regardless of the fish recipe you choose a pinch of joyous mood will always guarantee a gourmet style.

Best wishes for the Festive Season from Global Securities Services Bulgaria!

Borislav Hitov, Head of GSS Bulgaria

Peter Kamenov, Relationship Manager GSS Bulgaria