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Mon, 05/12/2016

The Bulgarian Capital Market Development Council approves a strategy for market development. By Kristina Spasova, Relationship Manager, GSS Bulgaria


The Strategy for the Development of the Bulgarian Capital Market has been approved mid-November. It lists the following main measures:

  1. Amending the local financial markets’ laws to remove existing regulatory and administrative burdens;
  2. Enabling the financing of public offerings of financial instruments through operational programmes and EU funds;
  3. Stimulating small and medium-size enterprises to raise capital on the capital market;
  4. Providing local investors access to foreign markets via the Bulgarian Stock Exchange;
  5. Activating the trading of shares of companies listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange as a result of mass privatisation in Bulgaria;
  6. Listing Bulgarian government bonds on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange;
  7. Exploration of the possibilities to provide access to existing CCP in the European Union;
  8. Establishment of derivatives market infrastructure;
  9. Listing of large state-owned companies on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange
  10. Establishment of securities lending (lending pool)
  11. Financing of infrastructural projects on the capital market
  12. Design a roadmap for accessing Target2-Securities (T2S)

Kristina Spasova

Relationship Manager

GSS Bulgaria