More prominent role for UniCredit in National Settlement Depository

Mon, 28/09/2020

An award and a committee seat for GSS Russia                                                                                                                                                                                         

Natalia Sidorova, Head of GSS Russia, was awarded as part of the Expert program 2020 of the National Settlement Depository (NSD). This award has been established as recognition of the contribution of professionals to the development of the Russian securities market. 

“It is an honour to award Russian financial market experts on behalf of the NSD. Winners of our Expert program are NSD’s partners in projects focused on the development of Russia’s financial market in general and the securities industry in particular. Together we create a modern, convenient, innovative, and trusted space for market participants. We are grateful for NSD Experts willingness to share their knowledge and take an active role in our initiatives”, commented Maria Krasnova, Acting Chairman of the Executive Board of the NSD.

On July 31st, 2020, Dmitry Medvedev, Head of GSS Delivery Section (GSS Russia) was elected as the member of the NSD Customer Committee for a one-year term. The Customer Committee is in charge of reviewing and approving internal regulations of the NSD as the central securities depository, as well as the NSD fees for the depository services.

Participation of GSS management in the NSD initiatives and committees allows AO UniCredit Bank to be closely involved in the market discussions and actively partake in the further development of the market infrastructure.