New appointment

Tue, 31/03/2020

An interview with the GSS Newsletter

Sven Trahan is our new Deputy Global Head of Securities Services and Head of Sales and Relationship Management               

Sven, welcome back to Global Securities Services! You must have been missing us…

There is no doubt about that! I am delighted and proud to belong to the GSS Team again.

How will UniCredit GSS benefit from all the new experience you have collected?

My choice to return to GSS builds on my recent experience of successfully running the FI Cash Clearing and Trade Finance business in Austria for the past three years. In fact, I am following my own passion: the pursuit of the many synergies I see as open opportunities for all of us to truly becoming mutual on the global level, taking advantage of all of the distinct benefits each of us bring and growing together as true partners.

Was there any specific trigger for you to come back to GSS and move to Budapest?

My initiative to re-join UniCredit GSS comes on the back of an opportunity presented, in part, by Beáta’s decision to pursue a path which has grown more and more into a passion over the recent years.

I know that many of our readers, especially her friends and colleagues, myself included, truly treasured the fantastic support she provided over her many years in GSS.

Budapest is a place I have known from many business trips including a Network Forum, and I can say that, after being here for only 3 weeks, it is also a great place to live and work. Here at UniCredit Bank Hungary, which actually was the cradle of our successful CEE custody franchise more than 20 years ago, one can feel the passion which defines the GSS family. When I was offered the position here, it was not a difficult decision to make and I know I won’t regret it.

What will the first initiatives in your role encompass?

Beáta, with all her professionalism, ensured a smooth and comprehensive hand-over of responsibilities here in Budapest, granting that our customers can expect the same excellent service level also in the future.

As long as the health protection measures keep us from travelling, I will put all my efforts in liaising with our customers around the world using the blessings of the digital age. But I can’t wait to be on the road again and discuss your needs and requests in person!