New impetus for innovation from beyond the own business line

Fri, 28/06/2019

The annual GSS Get Together                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

For the community of UniCredit Global Securities Services the first spring sunshine marking the end of winter also signals the time of the annual Get Together.   Every April, representatives of the individual markets of Global Securities Services meet up to hear about the latest news and insights in the life of UniCredit as a whole and also to learn about what the other markets are engaged in. The two days of presentations, lectures and workshops were hosted by Júlia Romhányi, the Global Head of Securities Services, the Central Team and the Hungarian capital.

Similar to past years, senior management of Global Transaction Banking participated in the event in order to express their support, commitment and appreciation towards the Global Securities Services teams and their achievements. Thomas Dusch, Deputy Global Head of Global Transaction Banking, gave an outline on his expectations for the industry going forward.

Marco Esposito, Head of Global Transaction Banking CEE, reinforced that GSS is an important pillar of Global Transaction Banking in its entirety. He also had the great pleasure to hand out the certificates received from Global Finance magazine to the award-winning locations.

The participants very much appreciated to having Balázs Tóth, newly appointed CEO of UniCredit Hungary, as a special guest to open the second day. His welcome speech was made even more remarkable by the fact that it was his very first public appearance as the CEO.

Júlia Romhányi demonstrated her joy over seeing her complete team together again and pointed out the particular significance of the Get Together. As much as it is the best platform all year round for conversations between the market representatives for sharing information and knowledge, best practices and local experiences in the most effective way, there is of course, after the professional programme finishes, a bit of team building activity as well. Júlia, in her speech, also gave a summary of the past year's results and the most important internal and external events that shaped the lives of the colleagues.

She also shared the plans and strategy of GSS for the years ahead, expressing her clear vision that the clients always have to be first.

New Central Team presented

In the beginning of 2018, when Julia was appointed to be the Global Head of Securities Services, one of her first moves was to reorganise the Central Team of GSS. Its task is to embrace all the markets and provide support, control and representation to them in all the relevant questions, while at the same time also serving as a link between clients, network agents and UniCredit and become a single focal point of entry on any GSS relevant topic both internally as well as externally.

This year provided the complete Central Team the occasion to present the results and findings of their work so far, giving the audience insight on the latest developments in the field of network management from Zuzana Milanova, operational risk management from Michal Baranek and  product development from Bogdan Pindaru. Meanwhile Beáta Szőnyi and Dario Mariotto presented the year’s developments in regard to relationship management, as well as the strategy they worked out for the future.

Listen and learn

The closing of the two-day event seemed to have arrived too early, as all the participants had more and more to say and share, as during the working groups sessions they began to feel the potential innate to the Get Together. Everyone agreed that this year, once more, the event proved to be an excellent forum to discuss any GSS topics, to have questions answered, to recieve help and attention when needed and most of all, to listen to and learn from each other.