Smart working concept in the era of COVID - 19

Tue, 30/06/2020

Avoiding physical contact with social distancing to protect people and allow business continuity

The pandemic of COVID-19 virus has affected our lives in various segments. It has affected our everyday routine, our work, the way we spend our free time, shop, as well as the way we interact with our friends, family and colleagues. Avoiding physical contact and social distancing has become the norm.

Following the recommendations from local governments and health authorities, UniCredit Bank Czech Republic & Slovakia a.s. has taken all the necessary measures to protect the health of our clients and staff while ensuring the full range of remote advisory and banking services.

At the beginning of the crisis UniCredit Bank Czech Republic & Slovakia a.s. developed the smart working concept which had employees working from home at a very early stage in order to protect themselves, as well as to ensure that the business could continue as usual.

This smart working concept also led to switching to paperless procedures and conditions suitable for full remote-working. A good example of a smart working practise was introduced by UniCredit Bank Austria AG and it proved to be an extremely flexible and reliable contingency concept, since our services are no longer limited to specific premises. This was a complete success and it benefited our clients and employees.