Sound capital base

Mon, 02/10/2017

The share capital of the Central Depository & Clearing Company has been increased. By Jelena Bilušić, Head of Relationship Management, GSS Croatia                                             

A share capital increase of Croatian Central Depository & Clearing Company Inc was completed on 1 September. The capital base has been broadened by issuing 8,000 ordinary shares.

As a result the company’s share capital has been increased by HRK 7,600,000 to the amount of HRK 94,525,000 and is now divided into 99,500 ordinary shares (ticker symbol SDA), without nominal value.

Since the major shareholder and a few minority shareholders took part in the capital increase, the majority stakes were not diluted. The state-owned Financial Agency (FINA) holds 52.69%, the Republic of Croatia 39.15% and other market participants the remaining 8.16%.

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Jelena Bilušić
Head of Relationship Management
GSS Croatia