Supporting the financial education program in schools

Wed, 28/06/2023

“Teach for Slovakia” project to develop children’s potential

UniCredit Bank in Slovakia has committed to supporting training and education by launching a partnership with Teach for All, known in Slovakia as “Teach for Slovakia”, bearing in mind that there is currently a significant group of children in Slovakia, particularly from marginalized communities, who do not have access to equal education, and we all know that the education and upbringing of children and young people determine a successful future for all of us.

UniCredit Bank is supporting the development of a financial education program in schools through volunteers among employees. Volunteers may choose partnership schools, which are located across the entire country. UniCredit Bank prepares presentations and trains each volunteer on how to manage the lectures in an online workshop.

Pilot lessons were organized with two members of the board in November 2022. During the UniCredit Financial Education Weeks from March 27 to April 6, 2023, 19 volunteers run the lectures in eight schools with almost 360 students of 12 to 17 years old. The lessons were highly evaluated by students appreciating mainly information on how to manage the family budget, consequences of taking loans or risks associated with phishing, PIN thefts, and potential risks of credit/debit cards. More Financial Education lessons will continue during the rest of the year.