T2S in everyday life

Thu, 03/12/2015

Customers of GSS Hungary were made familiar with T2S at a dedicated conference. By Beáta Szőnyi, Senior Relationship Manager, GSS Hungary.                                         

The event held in October was aimed at domestic clients, who were provided with a comprehensive overview of the new settlement standard, considering Hungary is still scheduled to join T2S in the 3rd migration wave (which however may be postponed any time now).  

The conference was mainly attended by representatives of local pension and investment funds, insurance companies and fund managers. During the half-day event T2S was covered from different angles, starting with the history and development of this harmonised settlement platform up to the operational requirements that the domestic customers need to be aware of.

Lívia Mészáros, Head of GSS Hungary and host of the event, opened the conference, followed by Péter Móger, Head of Global Transaction Banking Hungary, who presented UniCredit Hungary’s overall performance and position in the Hungarian market.

Júlia Romhányi, Head of GSS CEE, elaborated on the goal and on the status of the T2S project and the effects of this new settlement platform on each UniCredit location joining in, as well as on the overall T2S group strategy of UniCredit GSS.

The system replacement project of the local CSD (KELER), which is directly connected with Hungary’s joining of T2S, and a detailed schedule of the T2S migration were drawn up by Lívia Mészáros.

Beáta Szőnyi, Senior Relationship Manager, addressed the impact of T2S on the Hungarian capital market and on the domestic settlement process, while Fruzsina Füzesi, Senior Relationship Manager, gave an overview of the operational and technical details related to T2S and their impact on the Hungarian investors.