Vienna Stock Exchange had a successful year in 2022

UniCredit Bank Austria AG
Wed, 28/06/2023

The third profitable year in a row and several projects prepared                                                           

Due to different strategic projects and strong trading activity, the Vienna Stock Exchange (VSE) achieved high profits for the third year in a row despite the turbulent circumstances during 2022. Now, the VSE Wiener Börse is putting its data business on a broader footing with its participation in a European joint venture (working title Euro CTP). The planned subscription service “FirstPlace” will enable private investors and customers of participating banks to be directly involved in security issues in the future. With currently rising interest rates equity financing is becoming more attractive. Hence, the pipeline for IPOs is well stocked and can provide additional supply if the market environment is suitable. Thus, the diversification builds a strong foundation for a continuation in the coming years.

During the financial year 2022, the Group's equity turnover increased by 2.4% to EUR 87 bn (Vienna: EUR 72 bn, Prague: EUR 15 bn). High equity turnover, listing revenues, and the flourishing central securities depository in the Czech Republic were the strongest revenue drivers. The exchange group's consolidated revenue increased by 0.9% to EUR 80.0mn of which 90% were generated abroad. Profit before tax (EBT) amounted to EUR 47.30 million. As of 31 December 2022, the company had equity of EUR 170.05mn on its books, and the 2022 net profit amounted to EUR 36.5mn.

The harmonization of the trading calendars and further development of the market maker model aligned the VSE with international standards which attracted additional international trading participants. The sales focus in the bond area made the VSE one of the most active bond listing hubs in Europe. Technical infrastructure has been modernized, such as the recent renewal of the data distribution system, which makes the VSE well-positioned in the European Capital Market.

Source: Vienna Stock Exchange