BLSE and MNSE cooperation expanded

UniCredit Bank d.d.
Wed, 30/06/2021

The Sarajevo Stock Exchange and the Montenegro Stock Exchange have signed a cooperation agreement


In April 2021, representatives of the Sarajevo Stock Exchange (SASE) and the Montenegro Stock Exchange (MNSE) signed an agreement on business and technical cooperation as an extension of the long-term cooperation which commenced in 2014 and intensified during last autumn. In the future, SASE will support  both existing and new projects aimed at the development and modernization of MNSE electronic trading platforms and services.


According to representatives, the main developments are expected in IT, listing and quotation sectors of the MNSE. However, a major goal of the cooperation between the stock exchanges is making capital markets in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro more attractive to investors through joint projects, exchange of knowledge and experience, harmonization of processes and market regulations, as well as the introduction of new stock exchange platforms and services.

Furthermore, Borsa Istanbul is a shareholder of both SASE and MNSE, which makes the cooperation strategically reinforced by support and experience sharing, which will be applied to all future projects and international cooperation programs.