Career Fair as a mutual benefit for the bank and students

UniCredit Bank d.d.
Fri, 15/12/2023

UniCredit Bank supports students in Bosnia and Herzegovina

UniCredit Bank continues to support local community projects across Bosnia and Herzegovina, this time by participating in the Mini MBA program held within the Career Fair, organized by the Faculty of Economics of the University of Sarajevo.

Employees of the Bank were glad to share their professional experience and provide students with an insight into how the theory learned during their studies can be applied in practice. During the program, students had the opportunity to learn about topics such as “Banking products in the face of changes” and “Today's innovations in the banking products range”. At the workshop titled “Towards a targeted job after college,” students were offered an opportunity to experience job interviews in person, attend training in resume writing, and obtain career guidance through the personal experiences of Bank employees.

This initiative brought numerous benefits to both sides, as the Bank got the opportunity to learn about the values and interests of the future generation of employees, while, on the other hand, students also got an insight into all the career opportunities that the Bank offers.

Lastly, by demonstrating its commitment to providing career opportunities, UniCredit Bank once again proved its market leading position and unwavering dedication to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s social development.