Off the MONEYVAL list

UniCredit Bank d.d.
Tue, 03/01/2017

MONEYVAL removed Bosnia and Herzegovina from the list of countries having deficiencies in the legal framework related to CFT                                                                          


At its plenary session held in early December 2016, the intergovernmental MONEYVAL Committee considered the progress of the countries under its jurisdiction that have been identified as having deficiencies in their legal framework related to the FATF recommendations on combating the financing of terrorism (CFT) and the respective measures targeting terrorism and the financing of terrorism.

Based on the updated analysis of the follow-up procedure of the Terrorist Financing Fact-Finding Initiative heard by the Secretariat of MONEYVAL, the Committee decided to remove Bosnia and Herzegovina from the procedure. The MONEYVAL Committee based its decision on the progress that the country has made in this respect as well.

The decision represents legal basis for the adoption of UNSC resolution.


Enis Zejnić
Relationship Manager
GSS Bosnia and Herzegovina