New index on SASE

UniCredit Bank d.d.
Fri, 01/09/2017

The Sarajevo Stock Exchange has introduced the SASX-Fundamentals, a fundamentally weighted index                                                                                                          

In late August, the Sarajevo Stock Exchange introduced the SASX-Fundamentals Index (SASX-FN). As opposed to other, market capitalisation based SASE indices, the SASX-FN is a fundamentally weighted index.

SASX-FN tracks price movements of the top 15 companies on the market based on the profit stated in their most recent financial reports. The SASX-FN calculation methodology uses ROE, EPS and the profit margin of the participating companies as the fundamental weighting ratios.

Investment funds, insurance companies, companies under bankruptcy and companies based outside of the Federation of BiH are excluded from the index composition. The full list of companies participating in the SASX-FN is available on the SASE website.


Enis Zejnić

Relationship Manager, GSS Bosnia and Herzegovina