Revision of SASE indices

UniCredit Bank d.d.
Mon, 05/12/2016

The Sarajevo Stock Exchange reviewed its indices.                                                                                                                                                                              

Early November, the Sarajevo Stock Exchange performed a regular revision of issuers listed in the Primary Free Market sub-segment 1 (ST1) and the Index of the Primary Free Market (SASX-30). The SASE quotation committee revised the SASX-30 and the list of 30 most liquid issuers on the Free Market.

SASE also conducted the extraordinary revision of the main index of the Sarajevo Stock Exchange, SASX-10. The revision was conducted due to changes in the free float of the issuer IKB Zenica by more than 5%. There were no changes in the composition of the SASX-10.

The updated lists of issuers participating in the SASX-10 and SASX-30 indices are available on the SASE website.  


Enis Zejnić

Relationship Manager

GSS Bosnia & Herzegovina