UniCredit Bank empowering women

UniCredit Bank d.d.
Mon, 25/09/2023

Support for women's employment projects                                                                                                                                                                                        

One of the core values we uphold at UniCredit Bank d.d. is our commitment to empowering the communities in which we operate, setting an example for others to follow.

In line with this commitment, we are delighted to announce our collaboration with Kolektiv d.o.o. (MojPosao.ba) to facilitate the employment of unemployed women. This initiative is part of a project supported by the World Bank and the Swedish Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Within the framework of this project, unemployed women will have the opportunity to acquire three months of valuable work experience in one of the leading banks in Bosnia and Herzegovina. During this period, they will collaborate with our teams, gain insights into the fundamentals of the banking industry, and fortify their skills, preparing them for future career advancements.

Believing that this experience will be of great benefit to our new colleagues allowing them to unlock their potential we look forward to welcoming them, while being proud to be able to guide them along the way. Finally, we are honored to be able to strengthen our communities throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina by taking part in this significant project.