Amendments to the ZSE Operating license and Price list approved

Zagrebacka Banka d.d.
HANFA approved amendments to the ZSE Operating license and Price list.
Mon, 27/04/2015

Based on the Zagreb Stock Exchange (ZSE) application, Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency (HANFA) on 24 April 2015 granted ZSE with approval allowing the amendments to the ZSE Operating license and ZSE Price list. Consequently, ZSE is allowed to allocate and administer unique Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI). ZSE will be able to allocate LEI only after the amendments to the Operating license are entered into the Zagreb Commercial Court Registrar, expected by mid May 2015.

The most important amendments to the ZSE Price list are related to increase of fees related to set-up of a public auction and fees related to listing maintenance of equities and AIFs on Regular Market Tier. Moreover, equities listed to the regulated market for the first time are exempt from listing maintenance fee during the first year of listing.

Additionally, pursuant to adopted amendments to the ZSE Operating license, ZSE Price list introduces fees related to LEI allocation and LEI maintenance fees.

Impact on investors: With HANFA’s approval, Zagreb Stock Exchange has been granted with legal grounds to kick-off allocation of LEI.