Establishment of CE Enter Market

Zagrebacka Banka d.d.
Thu, 30/06/2016

Alternative market segment under the new name CE Enter was established by Zagreb Stock Exchange, separating its regulated market from its multilateral trading platform                                 

The new market segment will be regulated by separate rules and will have its own website at

CE Enter Market represents an alternative market segment managed by ZSE and the intention of the separation was to further emphasise the differences between the regulated market and the MTP, the latter being characterised by lower requirements in respect of the transparency of the issuers and the traded financial instruments, and consequently the risks of investing in such instruments may be greater than the risks of investing in instruments traded on the regulated market. Nevertheless, for the instruments admitted to trading on CE Enter Market there is also a minimum amount of information that is to be made publicly available in order to enable investors to make informed investment decisions.


Jelena Bilusic
Head of Relationship Management
GSS Croatia