CSD change of foreign custodian and CSD price list from January 2018

Czech Republic
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Update on the CSD's change of foreign custodian and the new price list for 2018
Tue, 19/12/2017

The Board of directors of the CSD Prague approved amendments of the CSD Price List and Tariff of Material Costs on its meeting on 21 November 2017. The amendments take effect on 1 January 2018.

Amendments relate mostly to fees for safekeeping of foreign securities maintained in the foreign register and to fees for their transfers. The amendments are based on the transfer of foreign securities from the account in Clearstream to the account in Euroclear and upon introduction of new fees for depositories from countries that are supposed to be origins for new issues accepted for trading on MTF market of PSE. Fees set in the Price List for safekeeping in Clearstream shall be used for holding via Euroclear until the effectiveness of new Price List.


Furthermore, in reference to the Newsflash of 10 October 2017 regarding the change of foreign custodian, we would like to provide you with the SSI published by the CSD.

With regards on opening the safekeeping account with Euroclear, CSD Prague informs about the necessity amending instructions for external transfers with effective date of 1 December 2017.


CSD Prague account number: 14637


Impact on investors: New CSD price list valid from January 2018 and change of CSD Prague SSI for external transfers.


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