CSD change in partial settlement default

UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia,a.s.
The local CSD changes the PARTIAL SETTLEMENT default set up (from NPAR to PART) as of May 1, 2022
Wed, 13/04/2022

With reference to our previously issued Newsflash (on January 12th, 2022), the local CSD (CDCP a.s.) has announced its intention to change the current Partial Settlement default setup in the internal CSD system from No Partial Settlement Allowed (NPAR) to Partial Settlement Allowed (PART) from May 1 2022. This tag will be used by the CSD in cases when no indicator is received in the OTC settlement instruction. (Please note that the system of UniCredit Bank Czech Republic (UCBCZ) always adds the tag NPAR into the settlement instructions if no tag is found and sends them to the CSD, unless the client expresses requirement for PART.)

Please also note that UCBCZ will not execute this change, which means that the current setup in our system will remain (NPAR). Should a client wish to modify it to PART, a tested MT599 message will be required requesting this change. (For more details on how to request this, please refer to the above mentioned Newsflash).

Impact on Clients: Clients may need to send instruction to UCBCZ in relation to the CSDR partial settlement function.