Foreign blue chips traded in Prague

UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia,a.s.
Fri, 20/07/2018

Prague Stock Exchange has launched trading in foreign equities.                                                                                                                                                                         


The Prague Stock Exchange, in cooperation with its members, started trading selected foreign shares. The aim is to offer local investors the opportunity to trade major foreign securities on a domestic market in local currency and to extend the offer of titles being traded with new alternatives.

The Prague Stock Exchange will launch 32 new foreign blue-chip titles. The issues will be traded on the unregulated Free Market, with the liquidity being supported by the market makers.

The titles will be traded in Czech crowns, in accordance with the standard rules of the Xetra system. Dividends will be paid out by the Central Securities Depository.

The primary markets of the titles include Germany, Finland, Sweden, Austria, France, Italy, Poland and Hungary. Shares are not the only items being traded; also included in the selection are three Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).


Anna Lipgart
Relationship Manager
Global Securities Services Czech Republic