2016 Holiday Schedule

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The official list of public holidays in Hungary in 2016 is now available
Thu, 27/08/2015

The Hungarian Government published the official holiday schedule for Hungary for 2016. The list of holidays in 2016 will be as follows:

1 January Friday New Year's Day
14 March Monday Bridge Holiday
15 March Tuesday 1948-1949 Revolution Outbreak
War of Independence
28 March Monday Easter Monday
1 May Sunday National Labour Day
16 May Monday Whit Monday
20 August Saturday Feast of St. Stephan, Founder of the State
23 October Sunday 1956 Revolution Anniversary
1989 Republic of Hungary Proclamation
31 October Monday Bridge Holiday
1 November Tuesday All Saints' Day
24 December Saturday Christmas Eve
25 December Sunday Christmas
26 December Monday Christmas


Additionally, please note the following:

According to the Hungarian market practice, in case a holiday falls on Tuesday and Thursday, the preceding or respectively the following day is annouced as holiday as well. In such case, the preceding or respectively the following Saturday is announced as business day. In line with this:
  - 5 March, Saturday, will be an additional working day to make up for the bridge holiday on 14 March, Monday
  - 15 October, Saturday, will be an additional working day to make up for the bridge holiday on 31 October, Monday
The banks, the CSD and the Stock Exchange are closed on public holidays and bridge holidays
On the additional working days the banks and the CSD are open, however the Stock Exchange is closed
Easter Friday, 25 March 2016 as well as 31 December 2016 are regular working days in Hungary, however the Stock Exchange will be closed on these days


Impact on investors: The Hungarian market will be closed on the public holidays listed above. The market will also work partially on the additional working Saturdays.