Budapest Stock Exchange launches Xtend

UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.
Thu, 28/09/2017

The BSE has launched Xtend, a new multilateral trading facility dedicated to SMEs                          


In line with the strategy to increase the number of listed companies and promote the development of the financial culture, the Budapest Stock Exchange launched Xtend, a new multilateral trading facility, as of 20 September.

Xtend is specifically designed for SMEs which are already prepared for public listing with plans to grow by raising funds from the market. Through Xtend investors will be able to reach new dynamic and growing companies.

The principal aim is to provide simplified requirements for listing on the Budapest Stock Exchange compared to the companies listed in the Standard category of the BSE. Furthermore, Xtend will allow SMEs to meet the obligations and the transparency requirements of the stock exchange in order to reach the Standard category as a next step.

Companies wishing to enter Xtend will be advised by dedicated consultants, whose main task will be to support them in the listing and continued trading process, ensure investors’ interests and market safety by constantly monitoring the new issuers. Moreover, support and supervision will come from both BSE and the Central Bank of Hungary depending on the size of the issue.

UniCredit Bank Hungary is included in the exclusive group of potential advisors of SMEs under the auspices of Xtend.

Dario Mariotto

Relationship Manager

GSS Hungary