Go-live Date of BaNCS - Update

UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.
KELER announced the planned testing schedule and implementation date of BaNCS during the meeting of the Beta Test Workgroup. The go-live date of the new system is now scheduled for 4 July 2016.
Mon, 16/11/2015

At the last meeting of the Beta Test Workgroup, KELER emphasised that the schedule for the system modernisation project is in line with the preliminary information communicated to the market participants recently and the testing for the Beta Group is expected to be held in January 2016, followed by the market-wide tests in March 2016.

Additionally, KELER announced that the go-live date of BaNCS will be 4 July 2016.

The service description document consolidating all service developments and the full service range of KELER has been disclosed to the Workgroup members for review and was consulted with the members during the meeting. Among others, the following items were discussed: new format of KELER account numbers, use of opt-out/cum-ex indicators, hold and release mechanism, prioritization, blocking, linkage, cancellation, etc. KELER is currently finalising this paper and plans to publish its official final version by 4 December 2015.

Impact on investors: The announcement of the new go-live date of BaNCS (4 July 2016) and of the publication date of the new service description document will enable market participants to schedule their own preparations for the system replacement.

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