Hungarian Companies in Elite programme at London Stock Exchange

UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.
Fri, 02/06/2017

The LSE hosted seven Hungarian companies as part of ELITE, a training programme that helps fast-growing private companies to structure for further growth                                         


Following the agreement signed between the Budapest Stock Exchange and ELITE, seven companies from Hungary were selected to be part of the ELITE programme in the past few months. These companies operate in the manufacturer and retailer field as well as in pharmaceutics and agriculture.

In line with the goal of increasing the number of the listed companies, the Budapest Stock Exchange together with many other international companies supports the ELITE programme in order to foster capital market development and to contribute to the medium and long term growth of the Hungarian economy. ELITE’s innovative approach offers training and access to a diverse community of companies, entrepreneurs, investors and corporate advisers.

The international dimension of the training, provided to a large network of companies, is based on the knowledge of the London Stock Exchange and ELITE, while the country specific knowledge relevant to Hungary is provided by the Budapest Stock Exchange.

Unicredit, being an important sponsor of ELITE, plays an active role in the programme by providing expertise, training and best practice sharing, mainly to the CEE companies. In this respect the Head of the International Centre of Unicredit Group, Mr. Emiliano Steinfl, is committed to providing the representatives of the seven Hungarian companies with practical knowledge and up-to-date information.




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