Information update on General Meeting Season in Hungary

UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.
Special rules for General Meetings of Hungarian public limited companies remain in force
Thu, 27/05/2021

Pursuant to the Law I of 2021 (the Law) on protection against the corona pandemic as of 21 May 2021, the Government Decree no. 502/2020 (the Decree) on personal and property joint ventures will remain in force until the 15th day after the first day of the 2021 Autumn session of the Parliament, or until the Law is revoked.   

Further details on decree 502/2020 are included in our previous Newsflashes:

Impact on investors:. Due to the state of emergency officially prolonged by the Government, intermediaries and investors cannot follow the usual General Meeting related procedures. General Meetings with physical presence of the shareholders or their representatives cannot be held during the emergency period. Investors will be notified in detail case by case, when issuers will publish their new procedures aligned with the Decree.