KELER Service Development Program documentation

UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.
KELER published the English version of its Service Development Program (KSDP) documentation
Thu, 22/08/2019

With reference to the recent Newsflash as of July 16, documents regarding  KELER’s Service Development Program (KSDP) are made available in English on the CSD website on the following link:

KELER - KSDP - KELER Service Development Program

KELER has made available the following papers:

-  KSDP - SERVICE DESCRIPTION  related to the developments of KSDP.

-  KSDP - GAP ANALYSIS between the planned developments of  KSDP and the former Strategic Modernisation Program’s service description.

Impact on investors: The review and analysis of the documents is ongoing, investors will receive detailed information on KSDP at a later stage