KELER Strategic Modernisation Program Update

UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.
KELER's Strategic Modernisation Program, aiming at implementing a new system at the CSD, is still under process
Wed, 07/02/2018


The Hungarian CSD KELER announced earlier today that it continues to be fully committed to the implementation of its Strategic Modernisation Program, the scope and schedule of which is currently under a thorough review.

The program is a very important task for KELER and thus intensive work is under way in order to implement it. KELER’s goal remains to implement a system that is acceptable to all stakeholders, meeting the expectations of the financial and capital market.

KELER has been facing continuous demand for information from its clients and partners, however according to it - considering the size, complexity and market impacts of the project - further consideration is needed.

Given the above, KELER has asked for the continued patience and support of its clients and partners. It will continue to provide further information on the program as soon as there are any developments.


Impact on investors: KELER continues to intensively work on its Strategic Modernisation Program, however considering the complexity of the project no new information can be announced at this stage.