KELER updates KSDP Service Description

UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.
Updated version of KSDP Service description document is published
Fri, 03/09/2021

With reference to our Newsflash as of 22 August 2019, updates to the document regarding KELER’s Service Development Program (KSDP) were made available.

The paper is published in English on the CSD website at the following link:

UniCredit GSS already compiled a summary of the KSDP changes and the related modifications of its settlement service. The abovementioned document will be amended according to the new updates and a new version will be available in the next days on the GSS website at the following link:  Documents | Custody | UniCredit Group.

Impact on investors: Client should take note that, within the scope of the KSDP new securities settlement standards, SWIFT message rules and procedures will be introduced on the Hungarian market as of 6 December 2021