Management changes at KELER

UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.
On 1 September 2017 after the extraordinary GM, Mr. Attila Mónus has been appointed new CEO at KELER Ltd.
Mon, 04/09/2017

On 1 September 2017 new executives were appointed after KELER’s extraordinary general meeting. Mr. Attila Mónus will serve as new Chief Executive Officer, while new directors have been appointed to lead the Banking Operations Directorate, Strategic and Customer Relationship Directorate and IT Directorate.

The newly appointed CEO replaces Mr. György Dudás, who will leave the company. Mr. Mónus used to be the Head of International Settlement at KELER between 2001 and 2006 and prior to the appointment worked as the Head of Custody at Deutsche Bank AG Hungary Branch.

The decision made by the extraordinary general meeting affects several divisions. Starting from September Mr. Sándor Szalai, former Director of Strategy and Client relations will lead the Banking Operations Directorate and will serve as a General Deputy CEO of KELER. Furthermore, former senior executives responsible for Banking Operations and IT will be replaced by new senior executives who will assist the new CEO.

In detail, the following new executives have been appointed:

•    IT: János Tóth, Director;

•    Strategy and Client Relations: Gergely Ekler, Director;

•    Banking Security Management: Tamás Beluzsár, Head of department.

Impact on investors: Management changes at KELER will not affect the Hungarian CSD’s strategy and daily operations. The company continues to pursue the objective of regional and international expansion, as well as its modernisation programme aimed at enhancing the services provided to the clients.