Management changes at KELER Group

UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.
Changes in the Management of KELER Group
Wed, 04/03/2020

The KELER Group held its’ extraordinary meeting on 27 February 2020, where the General Assembly decided on restructuring the Management of KELER Central Depository Ltd. (KELER, the Hungarian CSD) and KELER CCP Central Counterparty Ltd. (KELER CCP).

Mr. Bence Marosi, former Head of Commercial Strategy at UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt., will be the new CEO of KELER Central Depository Ltd., and also will be a member of the Board of Directors of KELER. The appointment of Mr. Bence Marosi is subject to the approval of the Central Bank of Hungary.

Mrs. Babett Kecskésné Pavlics, previously Head of FIG at UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt. is the newly appointed CEO and member of the Board of Directors of KELER CCP Central Counterparty Ltd. 

Impact on investors: No information is currently available on any impact on the ongoing projects running at KELER due to the changes of the Management.