New Securities Market Practices to be applied in the Hungarian market

UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.
New SWIFT message standards and practices will be effective in the Hungarian Market from 6 December 2021.
Wed, 24/11/2021

UniCredit Hungary GSS would like to inform its partners that the Securities Market Practices (SMP) carried out by the Hungarian National Securities Market Practice Group have been finalized. SMP are now in line with the developments of the KELER System Development Program (KSDP).

The document containing the new settlement and SWIFT standards is available on following link:

Market Practices & Documents (

The new Securities Market Practices will enter into force from 6 December 2021.

Changes and impacts are included in the Summary of the KSDP changes and related modifications previously published on the GSS website under the following link: Documents | Custody | UniCredit Group


Impact on investors:  Following the KSDP go-live, clients should take note of changes in SWIFT message standards and practices effective in the Hungarian market from 6 December 2021.