System Implementation of KELER Postponed

UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.
The client side testing of BaNCS was suspended by KELER and the implementation of the new system has been postponed.
Wed, 03/06/2015

On June 2, 2015 the Hungarian CSD, KELER, officially announced that the client side testing of its new system BaNCS was suspended and that the go-live date of BaNCS has also been postponed. The former go-live date was August 3, 2015 which has now been cancelled, however, a new implementation date has not been communicated by KELER yet.

Based on the initial client-side testing results, KELER decided to reconsider the operation of the system implementation project, make the necessary adjustments in BaNCS and conduct further internal testing, so that by the time of the re-opening of the client side testing KELER is in the position to provide a fully-fledged test environment to its clients.

KELER will publish further information on the detailed project plans and the re-launch of the testing in the second half of June.

UniCredit GSS Hungary will continue to keep its clients informed of any developments and about the new date of BaNCS’ implementation as soon as it is published.


Impact on investors: Until the implementation of its new system, KELER will continue to provide services to its clientele as today.