Technical issues at KELER - Start of the day status

UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.
SWIFT connection problem at KELER has been resolved during the weekend
Mon, 29/08/2022

As an update to our Newsflashes published on 26.08.2022 on KELER SWIFT technical problems, UniCredit GSS would like to inform its clients that KELER’s SWIFT connection has been restored during the weekend. Processing of the outstanding securities trades, status messages is ongoing after KELER decided to open the day at 6 a.m. today.  

Settlement procedure of the outstanding trades is continuously monitored by KELER and UniCredit GSS to avoid any further issues. Currently business is running as usual, however certain transactions as of 26.08.2022 are still investigated by KELER to assure that the booking of the settled transactions is executed properly.

Any penalty due for value date 26.08.2022 and affected by the SWIFT outage of KELER will not be calculated, reported, and charged by KELER. UniCredit GSS would like to ask its clients to monitor the received MT537 PENA messages, to make sure that no penalty items are calculated due to the Friday incident.

Impact on investors: Normal settlement day is expected today after KELER’s SWIFT issue has been solved. We will update our clients on any further developments.