Update on BaNCS Implementation Schedule

UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.
The Hungarian Central Securities Depository (KELER) held a Beta Test Forum meeting for the market participants on 28 January 2016 KELER
Thu, 28/01/2016


Please be informed that, as part of the implementation project of the KELER’s new system BaNCS, a Beta Test Forum was held at KELER today. In the course of the forum participants were informed that market tests, which were previously scheduled to March 2016, are now re-scheduled to April 2016. It has been confirmed by KELER that this change will not have any effect on the planned go-live date of BaNCS, which is set for 04 July 2016.

Impact on investors: Previously announced go-live date of BaNCS (4 July 2016) has been confirmed by KELER and remains unchanged. The market tests will involve local market participants only, exerting no influence on investors.

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