New Fee Schedule published by the Central Depository (Depozitarul Central)

UniCredit Bank S.A.
Depozitarul Central published the new list of fees applicable starting 1 July 2020
Wed, 03/06/2020

The General Shareholders Meeting held on 27 May 2020 had approved the new fees and commissions of Depozitarul Central.  The fees and commissions will come into force starting 1 July  2020, with certain fees and commissions being applicable as of 1 January  2021.

The main changes are related to:

  • introduction of new fees and commissions, according to the new facilities introduced in the CSDR context (e.g. fee for opening and maintenance of global individualized accounts by participants for their clients, fee for access and maintenance to the SWIFT interface etc.)

  • modification of the value of some fees and commissions

  • modification/completion of the name of different fees and commissions and related not

The list of fees and commissions applied by Depozitarul Central is available on webpage  under section Legal framework/Regulations/Fees.

Impact on investors:   The new fee which will be introduced by the CSD will have a correlating impact on the relevant fees UniCredit invoices to its clients.