NSD and Interfax launch new product

AO UniCredit Bank
Wed, 19/12/2018

NSD and Interfax’s Centre for Disclosing Corporate Information put Single Disclosure Window into operation

This service is expected to give issuers the possibility to disclose substantial facts published by information agencies and to inform NSD’s Corporate Actions Centre about corporate actions via one single point of entry.

A full-scale launch of the Single Disclosure Window became possible following regulatory changes introduced by the Bank of Russia in August (Regulations 454-P and 546-P), which standardised requirements for formats and contents applied to both substantial facts and corporate actions.

To implement the Single Disclosure Window for their clients (i.e., issuers) news agencies should ensure that information supplied through them would comply with NSD’s strict legal and system requirements. Currently, information is transmitted to NSD’s Corporate Actions Centre via protected channels and is structured in accordance with the ISO 20022 format using the Moscow Exchange’s EDI system, ensuring the legal accuracy of all messages and allowing them to be automatically processed.


Mariam Sarkisyan
Relationship Manager
Global Securities Services Russia