Annual CSD Statistics

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Fri, 02/06/2017

The Central Securities Depository Bratislava presents its 2016 statistics                                                                                                    

In 2016, the Central Securities Depository of the Slovak Republic (CDCP) settled 8,722 DvP transactions for a total market volume of EUR 7.472 billion.  The average daily volume was EUR 29.2 million, the average daily number of executed transactions amounted to 34. Comparing to the previous year, 2015, the total financial volume of securities transferred through the CDCP settlement and clearing system decreased by 28.67% (EUR 3 billion) and the number of executed transactions dropped by 2.87% (258).

FoP transactions, evaluated in nominal value, reached EUR 34.147 billion in 2016. The average daily volume represented a value of EUR 133.39 million. In total, 23,186 FoP transactions were processed, an average of 91 per day.  In spite of a decrease in the number of executed transactions by 23,602 (50.44%) their nominal value increased by EUR 9.84 billion (40.48%).

CDCP Holdings:

The annual statistics of CDCP for 2016 show that FoP transactions with shares dominate CDCP transfers,  bond holdings almost equal share holdings in CDCP (nominal value) and other types of  securities show only a small contribution.



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