The Central Securities Depository of SR takes measures

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The Central Securities Depository of SR takes measures
Fri, 20/03/2020

As announced by Central Securities Depository of SR (CDCP) to its participants, on March 19,2020,  CDCP has taken arrangements related to the state-wide measures for COVID-19 outbreak in Slovakia.   In order to protect health of its employees and clients and maintain standard level of operations following measures were adopted:

Since March 13, 2020 :

  • 50% of all employees work remotely, weekly rotation in place.

  • Ban has been imposed on travelling to foreign countries.

  • Mandatory quarantine for employees returning from foreign countries.

  • Limitation to personal meetings with external parties, recommendation to use communication channels as e-mails /phones.

  • Increase in  hygienic standards.

Since March 16, 2020:

  • Closure of all client centers, CDCP’s premises for the public, external parties. CDCP’s employees not to provide services in personal presence of clients.

  • Service Desk services are available for participants as usual, all  the employees work from home, no impact on the participants.

  • Services provided based on the paper form request are in general provided in full scope.

  • LEI allocation services are executed without any limitation.

  • Registration/amendment/cancellation of pledge over the physical securities is currently not possible.

Impact on investors:  CDCP continues to offer services for participants as usual, mainly electronically through their Information System. Necessary measures were implemented as a response to the Coronavirus disease outbreak.