Fee increase at Bratislava Stock Exchange

UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, a.s., pobočka zahraničnej banky
Wed, 19/12/2018

Bratislava Stock Exchange issued a new Fee Order, raising certain fees, with effect from 1 January 2019   

The fee increase is due to the constantly increasing regulatory burden and the tightening of conditions on the operations of Bratislava Stock Exchange (BSSE).

The amendment mainly affects the following areas:

  • membership fees
  • fees for the admission of issues, placements and end of trading of securities on the listed market and regulated free market,
  • fees for management and administration of the Guarantee Fund,
  • fees for the test to obtain the Certificate of Knowledge of the Trading System and of the Stock Exchange Rules.

Trading fees, however, remain unchanged.

The rise in fees will affect (through an increase in costs) members of the BSSE and issuers in the regulated market. Custody clients will not experience a direct impact.


Maria Gelingerova
Relationship Manager
Global Securities Services Slovakia