NCDCP T2S Migration Date announced

UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, a.s., pobočka zahraničnej banky
NCDCP announced it will migrate to T2S on 28-29 October 2017
Mon, 05/06/2017


The National Central Securities Depository of the Slovak Republic (NCDCP) informed the market participants that at the meeting of the T2S Project Managers Group the date of its migration to T2S was set for the weekend of 28-29 October 2017.  NCDCP migration will thus take place after the stabilisation phase of T2S Migration Wave V.

Currently NCDCP works on the preparation of the appropriate documentation, including the detailed migration scenario, to ensure the successful migration at the specified date can take place. Prior to the migration, NCDCP plans to test all system functionalities, including performing testing with its members. NCDCP representatives regularly participate in the relevant committees and groups at ECB within the T2S project and regularly report its preparation status for the migration.

NCDCP also informed that Clearstream Banking has offered to provide it with technical support in its preparation for the migration to T2S.


Impact on investors: The migration of NCDCP to T2S will take place on 28-29 October 2017