Shortening of settlement schedule

UniCredit Bank Czech Republic and Slovakia, a.s., pobočka zahraničnej banky
Shortening of settlement schedule on 3 February 2017 due to T2S migration of the Slovak market
Thu, 15/12/2016

CDCP is intensively working on its migration to Target 2-Securities (hereinafter "T2S") single technology platform of European depositories. Their aim is to become an integral part of the common capital market of the European Union. The first operating day in the T2S platform will be February 6, 2017. The data will be migrated to T2S platform during the weekend preceding the date of the migration.

In order to manage the data migration successfully, both CDCP and The Bratislava Stock Exchange ("BSSE") have decided to shorten operating hours on Friday February 3, 2017.  

  On 3 February 2017, the BSSE will shorten trading hours from 15:30 pm to 12:30pm and CDCP will change instruction deadline to 13:00pm.

Impact on investors: UniCredit Bank deadline will be shortened to 11:30pm.