The Slovak Ministry of Finance published the White List for 2021

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The Slovak Ministry of Finance has published the list of cooperative jurisdictions valid in 2021
Wed, 30/12/2020

The Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic published on its website the list of the countries with which Slovak Republic has concluded a Double Tax Convention or Agreement on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters, so called  "White List", valid from 01 January 2021. 

Compared to 2020, the following 4 countries were added to the White List:

- Cabo Verde

- Kenya

- North Macedonia

- Oman

Following 15 countries were deleted from the White List:

- Anguilla

- Bahamas

- Bahrain

- Barbados

- Bermuda

- British Virgin Islands

- Caymans Islands

- Guernsey

- Isle the Man

- Jersey

- Macedonia (which was replaced by North Macedonia)

- Panama

- Seychelles

- Turks and Caicos

- United Arab Emirates

The 2021 White List can be found under the following link:


Impact on investors:  Residents of countries not included in the While List are subject to 35% tax on dividends, Interest income from non-government debt securities and on taxable income from Slovak sources (e.g. interest on deposits, royalties, payments for services, transfers of business shares).